Why Reading?

Reading occupies a prime spot in the south-east of England, with excellent transport links to boot. Its redeveloped 900 million railway station offers high-speed links to and from London Paddington. Demand for housing in Reading is booming, both from investors and owner-occupiers.

Large companies are choosing Reading for their headquarters because of the improving options for office space. It is especially popular with those moving from London, seeking more space for their money and good schools. There is a rich cultural heritage ,and arts and leisure events occur all year round.

For those keen on shopping, Reading offers retail choice in a compact area, with The Oracle at the heart of Reading's retail and dining community. Food and drink connoisseurs can fill their bags and baskets at a stellar selection of shops, including wine merchants the Tasting House and The Grumpy Goat independent retailer of British cheeses and bottled ales, based among a quirky range of shops in the Harris Arcade. Recognised as a destination for the world's greatest bands, Reading Festival has been held for 30 years at Little John's Farm, has become one of the most famous musical events internationally, attracting young hedonists from far and wide and boosting local businesses.

For more information contact Sue Brackley, economic development manager, 0118 937 4340, sue@livingreading.co.uk.